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“如今,图标已经变得非常重要,它们被广泛用于设计项目中。因此我在想"为什么不建立一个新的工具并不做限制的来查找和选择图标,最终成为一个可以运用在任何项目中的工具。"FlatIcon 以此为切入点,它让图标搜索和转换变得非常简单和快速,并提供常用格式 SVG、PSD源文件和 PNG 下载。”

- FlatIcon 创始人

Expression Studio 2 Icons Pack

微软前几天刚刚推出了 Expression Studio 2 套装, 虽然距离第一版发布时间不是很久, 不过图标还是更为精致了一些.

这个 Pack 中包含了如图所展示的 6 个图标的 ICO 与 PNG 格式, 256px 大小.


Icon is one of important visual element for web design or application. Appealing icon can easily draw your user attention and telling message in more effective way, therefore by using them properly you can help your user quickly find information that they are looking for. A well designed icons and proper use of them surely will help increasing your website or application value which lead to increase in profits for your product and business.

However free icons with quality is sometimes hard to find. Look no more, because now we’ve selected free, quality and well designed icons that scattered on the net especially for you.


  • For this page, we are posting only small size icons to prevent the page become too long. However we will post the rest in coming post soon.
  • Not all listed icons can be used for commercial projects, but you still can use all of them in private projects. Please read the license agreement carefully before using icons as they may changed.

Free Quality Icons

Silk is a smooth, free icon set, containing over 700 16-by-16 pixel icons in strokably-soft PNG format. Containing a large variety of icons, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

FamFamFam - Silk

Silk Companion #1
A great icon set containing over 460 icons with Silk style, intended as additional icons and variations with Silk.

Silk Companion 1

Mini is a set of 144 GIF icons available for free use for any purpose.

FamFamFam - Mini

Mint icons are a small set of tiny PNG web icons, loosely-based on Shaun Inman’s Mint statistics software. Released on the same day as the product of the same name, they provide a few useful little icons in a particularly minty flavour.

FamFamFam - Mint

Flags are 247 icons — in GIF and PNG formats — representing most countries in the world as small pixel icons. These flag icons are available for free use for any purpose with no requirement for attribution.

FamFamFam - Flag